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Julie Lamb - Trippin' The Light

Julie Lamb - Trippin' The Light

"If you catch me, don't burn yourself", enunciates Julie Lamb in Tell Me Who I Am, the opening track on her second album Trippin' the Light.  It's some fitting phrasing indeed when we view the record in its entirety.  Lamb is proud to have combined rock, blues, jazz and various other sounds into a fiery but positive sequence.

She's proud for good reason - Time Flies carries the listener in with some great aural momentum.  Lamb's vocals, along with the instrumental and choral talents of her passionate backing musicians, make for a piece that seems to tend toward progressive metal.

The following track Undone is a much more sombre song, but just as notable.  An assortment of absolutely fantastic string and wind instruments create a brilliant crescendo around the middle of the song - one of the most memorable passages in the album for this reviewer.

Kill Me With Your Promise comes as another great driving number halfway through the album.  This is one of the best examples of guitar work on Trippin' the Light, beautifully produced to sound raw and gritty whilst also being easy on the ear.  Cold Rainy Nights is even more easy-going, being a lovely country-tinged track.

Lamb has become well-acquainted with the fact that playing gigs as a musician is only a fleeting temporary buzz.  Trippin' the Light certainly displays her range of musical talents in a way that people can get a hold of and keep for posterity, in their minds as well as in their sound systems.  It's a winner.

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