Track 1. Cry In Vain 3:13 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Lost At Sea 3:20 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Home 3:39 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Little Girl 3:18 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. Not Yet 3:32 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Drinking For Two 3:13 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Crazy I Know It 3:27 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. Soul Of Me 3:52 DIGITAL Play



Katrina Bristow is a New Zealand-born singer-songwriter who has recently returned from London, where she spent the past 10 years performing, writing and touring. Her journey home took her to Africa and America where she showcased material from her debut album Home.

Katrina’s self-penned debut album Home was recorded in Sydney Australia at Smith Street Studio with Australian legend and 2011 Australian 'Musician of the year' Mark Punch...

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