She Dubs Me Remix - EP

She Dubs Me Remix - EP

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In May 2004, Dub Asylum released She Dubs Me Remixed, a 12-inch vinyl EP featuring tunes off the debut Dub Asylum album She Dubs Me, She Dubs Me Not, remixed by various local producers Timmy Schumacher and Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, Matt Scott at Woodcut, and Audioslut.

These tunes are now getting a digital reissue, PLUS with a special bonus remix, taken from the Dub Asylum 7-inch single Ba Ba Boom (2009) - the Oogun remix, previously only available on vinyl, and now getting a widespread digital release for the first time.

On release, the vinyl remix EP got played in clubs and on the radio in Australia, France, Thailand, and of course right here in Aotearoa. The Scratch n Sniff remix made it into the BNet Alternative Top Ten chart for six weeks, highest placing was number two. The Scratch N Sniff remix was nominated for the Best NZ Remix at the 2004 BNet Music Awards. Timmy Schumacher also shot and directed the video of Scratch N Sniff - Soka So Good remix, some groovy super 8 footage of his trip round the US a while back.

Grant Smithies in the Sunday Star Times reviewed the remix EP. "There's a spanking new vinyl remix EP from Dub Asylum, in which tracks from the recent She Dubs Me, She Dubs Me Not album are given a good studio slapping by four local production teams. Best track? The hypnotically grinding Rob Warner/Josh Webb mix of What The Funk, featuring Sandy Mill, with the speaker cone-cracking bass'n'breakbeat Shumacher/Substax mix of Scratch N Sniff coming a close second."

The EP launch party/exhibition was something special – 60 of the record covers were painted by graff artists DLT and DanTippett, with the rest of the covers getting a special stencil design. Each cover was a unique work of art. There's a video of DLT and Dan painting the covers here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVt3RBTgoqs


Track 1. Scratch N Sniff (Timmy Schumacher Vs Substax Soka So Good Remix) 5:37 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. You're So Sensible (Audioslut Remix) 6:22 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. What The Funk (Rob Warner & Josh Webb Remix) 7:41 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. What The Funk (Matt Scott Woodcut Mix) 4:51 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. BaBaBoom (OoGuN Remix) 3:59 DIGITAL Play


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