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Light Years


Track 1. Little Star 4:01 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Last Generation 4:39 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Story Ain't Over 3:33 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Dream Life 3:43 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. Love In The Shadows 3:30 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Take You Down 3:05 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Hit The Wall 4:06 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. Drop Dead Killer 3:20 DIGITAL Play
Track 9. Bad Thing 4:15 DIGITAL Play
Track 10. Galaxy Express 3:41 DIGITAL Play
Track 11. Bring The Sun 3:36 DIGITAL Play


Light Years

It's been four years since Kora launched its self-titled, worlds-colliding debut album, that connected the dots between funk, rock, reggae, metal, hip hop and electronic rhythms. Now this five-strong collective of fearless sonic explorers have discovered a whole new constellation of future-shocked funk, soul and r'n'b – dubbing it 'alien funk'.

Kora's anticipated new album Light Years steps into the unknown on a bass odyssey, eschewing guitars in favour of a high-tech arsenal of synthesisers, live and sampled drums plus the otherworldly four-part harmonies of the brothers Laughton, Francis, Stuart and Brad Kora and brother-in-arms Dan McGruer...

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