Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) - Single

Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) - Single

On Friday 24th August at 7.30pm 2012 TV3’s screened Red Nose Day: Comedy for Cure Kids which brought together the cream of New Zealand comedy in the name of a good cause.

"Red Nose Day in the UK is one of the world’s biggest fundraiser raising over 100 million pounds last year. So the bar's been set pretty high, but a great combination of Kiwi comedy and generosity will no doubt see us raising a significant amount for a great cause," said event director Brooke Howard-Smith.

As well as New Zealand’s top comedy talents, Red Nose Day: Comedy for Cure Kids saw the premiere of a brand new Flight of the Conchords song which was specifically written for the event!

That song is Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That).

Helping out Bret and Jemaine on the single were Dave Dobbyn, Brooke Fraser, Boh Runga, Sam Scott, Luke Buda, Savage, Young Sid, Tyree, Deach, PNC, Zowie, Ruby Frost, Kids of 88, Rikki Morris, Moana Maniapoto, Nathan King, Maitereya, Victoria Girling-Butcher, Elizabeth Marvelly, Peter Urlich and Cherie Mathieson.

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