Not Many Cities - Single

Not Many Cities - Single

Not Many Cities is the result of a conversation between a few people at the Bank of New Zealand who have been heavily involved on the ground in Christchurch around how to salute the resilience of Cantabrians who have lived through over 8500 quakes.

The idea was to celebrate the strength, the courage, the pride and the incredible spirit of the people.

We felt that whilst sympathy and money was obviously natural and important, an uplifting salute and a focus on rebuilding the future also had its place. The time felt right and we decided to do it.

It had to be an idea that was true to the people of Christchurch, an idea that would be accepted, embraced and participated in by Cantabrians from all walks of life.

New Zealand's biggest selling single, written and performed by one of Christchurch's prodigal sons, Scribe, was impossible to go past. So the words were tweaked, the song re-recorded and the charity agreed upon.

How many cities you know that roll like this - not many .....if any was designed to acknowledge the terrible events of the last year, remind the world that Christchurch has endured an extraordinary 12 months and whilst a herculean effort is still required to rebuild the future Cantabrians are ready and up for it.

We hope that whether you're in North Canterbury, South Canterbury, East Canterbury or West Canterbury you'll hear Scribes remix and feel a connection.

We know you'll see people like you who have braved and rolled with the terrible events of the last year and stood tall and proud.

But most of all, we know that this is about the future of your city and we want you to know that the whole of New Zealand is in awe and full of admiration to your strength, pride and positivity.

Christchurch there are not many - if any - like you.


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