Horrible Songs For Children


Track 1. Fatcat & Fishface Theme 1:17 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Little Animal Eater 1:56 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Pick Me 1:59 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Flyby 3:48 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. Pretty, Sweetie, Happy, Lucky 3:11 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Lazy 2:39 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Favourite Undies 0:47 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. You Are What You Eat 3:03 DIGITAL Play
Track 9. Joe 2:35 DIGITAL Play
Track 10. Singalong 0:35 DIGITAL Play
Track 11. The Impossible Dancing Song 2:53 DIGITAL Play
Track 12. I Never 2:25 DIGITAL Play
Track 13. Fatcat & Fishface Theme 1:16 DIGITAL Play


Horrible Songs For Children

HORRIBLE SONGS FOR CHILDREN is the debut album from the outlaws of New Zealand children's music, FATCAT & FISHFACE. HORRIBLE SONGS FOR CHILDREN won the award for Best New Artist for Older Children through the USA based Children's Music Web site. Children are the judges. Funny that.

FATCAT & FISHFACE have been compared to The Simpsons, Roald Dahl, Badjelly and Tom Waits' toy cupboard. They are regularly played on New York station WFMU's Saturday morning 'Greasy Kid Stuff' programme and their video (starring a blowfly and cast of happy maggots) features on TV's What Now...

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