The Eversons - EP


Track 1. I'm A Conservative 2:09 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Hyacinth Girl 2:33 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Boyfriend 3:17 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Loser 3:18 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. Creepy 2:29 DIGITAL Play


The Eversons - EP

Lil' Chief present The Eversons and their self titled debut. The band draw from quirky guitar rock that reaches back from Buddy Holly through to the Modern Lovers and on to Pavement.

Their focus is on mid-paced songs with conversational lyrics, that manage to be light-hearted, while still being full of heart, in that old-fashioned way you get in Beach Boys or Beatles songs from the early 60s.

Creepy is about the various pitfalls of being a heart on your sleeve romantic (aka the Paul McCartney) and I’m A Conservative more as being about the differences between artists and professionals...

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