Shogun Orchestra

Shogun Orchestra

In this album Lucien Johnson draws upon his impressions of Port Au Prince, Haiti, where - in later 2009 - he spent some months working in a theatre production, and where he had the misfortune to contract malarial fever.

Recuperating in Wellington, Johnson commandeered Wellington's ska extroverts The Yoots and - adding a few supplementary virtuoso soloists - transformed the group into his dynamic ensemble of eclectic world-fusion.

Shogun Orchestra is a vehicle for Johnson's own compositions as well as for the melodies and rhythms he has absorbed in travelling to far-flung lands of East Africa, The Caribbean and the Indian Subcontinent.

Far from being some weighty academic musical synthesis, Shogun Orchestra is an explosive celebration of an album. From the opening salvo of shimmering high-life guitars, the listener is propelled on a wild ride into the steaming equatorial night. The band is entranced, possessed, playing on frantically aboard a carnival caboose festooned with ribbons and lanterns.


Track 1. Lovano 4:26 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Bamako 5:22 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Legba Nan Baye-A 1:52 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Maman M'Voye Peze Café 4:42 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. Cigars of the Pharoah 4:11 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Minis Azaka 4:20 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Jacmel 6:00 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. Falko 6:32 DIGITAL Play
Track 9. Leogane 4:37 DIGITAL Play
Track 10. Fey-O 2:44 DIGITAL Play

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