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Love Hotel


Track 1. Shinkansen 5:23 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Eros 4:51 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Monster In A Party Dress 3:58 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Ennui 5:12 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. The Sadness Of Men 4:49 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Love Hotel 6:30 DIGITAL Play


Love Hotel

Following on from the 2008 debut A New Aesthetic, the band's second album Love Hotel was released October 2011.

As evidenced by the lead single Monster in A Pretty Dress, this is a modern rock album that sees the band explore several new sonic and technical territories. The end result is a precisely crafted balance of the band's renowned explosive performance and mature song writing.

A narrative set in the Tokyo nightlife, the songs revolve around ideas of ennui, escapism and fantasy. Progressive song structures lend cinematic qualities to the album; the lyrics abstract and observational...

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