Get It Together - The Remixes


Track 1. Turn Around feat. Iva Lamkum (Alister Johnston Remix) 4:06 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Del Ray (Thomas Blondet Remix) 5:04 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. I've Tried Ways Feat. Serocee (The Nextmen - The Michael Fowler Centre Remix) 4:28 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Lady Love feat. Bajka (Richie Phoe Mix) 3:38 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. Love Alone feat. Spikey Tee (Mr. Boinkin's Mank Remix) 4:44 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Turn Around feat. Iva Lamkum (TM Juke Remix) 3:34 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Humanised feat. Bajka (moO Istanbul Guitar Check Remix) 3:30 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. I've Tried Ways feat. Serocee (Hermitude Remix) 3:25 DIGITAL Play
Track 9. Lady Love feat. Bajka (Biggabush Version) 6:25 DIGITAL Play
Track 10. These Words, These Sounds, These Powers feat. Spikey Tee (Jstar - Concrete Break Out Mix) 3:47 DIGITAL Play
Track 11. Turn Around feat. Iva Lamkum (DJ Vadim Remix) 4:45 DIGITAL Play
Track 12. I've Tried Ways feat. Serocee (Yes King Remix) 5:11 DIGITAL Play
Track 13. Humanised feat. Bajka (Jason Eli's Groovadelica Remix) 5:59 DIGITAL Play
Track 14. Get It Together (Beatfanatic Remix) 7:34 DIGITAL Play
Track 15. Del Ray feat. Four-D 4:35 DIGITAL Play
Track 16. All You Need feat. Aima The Dreamer (J-Boogie Remix) (Digital Only Bonus Track) 7:13 DIGITAL Play
Track 17. I've Tried Ways feat. Serocee (Chronic Sonata's Vespa Mix) (Digital Only Bonus Track) 4:15 DIGITAL Play
Track 18. Turn Around feat. Iva Lamkum (Kinski's Bossa Remix) (Digital Only Bonus Track) 4:29 DIGITAL Play
Track 19. Humanised feat. Bajka (Barkin'Soul Remix) (Digital Only Bonus Track) 4:04 DIGITAL Play
Track 20. Lady Love feat. Bajka (Benny Tones Remix) (Digital Only Bonus Track) 4:42 DIGITAL Play


Get It Together - The Remixes

After the success of their gold selling album Get It Together in 2009, Sola Rosa are pleased to announce the release of 'Get It Together - The Remixes'.

The album has been over a year in the making and features remixes by international and local producers such as TM Juke, The Nextmen, DJ Vadim, J Star, YesKing, Beatfanatic and many more. There is also a brand spanking new mix of Del Ray feat. Chilean rapper FOUR-D, which is getting feet on the dancefloor whenever it's dropped...

100% New Zealand Music


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