Based On A True Story


Track 1. Ernie 7:17 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Cay's Crays 7:07 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. This Room 5:01 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Ray Ray 7:39 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. Dark Days 6:40 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Flashback 6:31 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Roady 7:10 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. Wandering Eye 9:50 DIGITAL Play
Track 9. Del Fuego 5:25 DIGITAL Play
Track 10. Hope 7:21 DIGITAL Play


Based On A True Story

'Based On A True Story' is the eagerly anticipated, long awaited & much debated debut studio album from one of New Zealand’s most loved & respected groups, Fat Freddy’s Drop.

The legendary brotherhood of midnight marauders & purveyors of hi-tek soul, deliver an album which is steeped in dub, reggae & dancefloor electronica. Fat Freddy’s Drop’s music is a constantly evolving, organic experience, which is rhythm heavy with luscious coatings of jazz, soul & funk, rooted in Aotearoa & delivered with an Island attitude...

100% New Zealand Music



The Drop Ltd


Soul/Gospel, Urban/R&B, Dub/Reggae, Electronic

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