The Venus Trail


Track 1. Hey Seuss 2:22 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Philadelphia Rising 4:52 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Cash None 3:06 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. The Golden Grove 2:46 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. The Venus Trail 2:12 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Beautiful Things 3:37 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Man On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown 4:07 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. Jane Air 3:08 DIGITAL Play
Track 9. The Young And The Restless 3:19 DIGITAL Play
Track 10. Summer Stone 2:40 DIGITAL Play
Track 11. Ice 6:06 DIGITAL Play
Track 12. Spooky 4:56 DIGITAL Play


The Venus Trail

This 1993 album has all the silliness, insanity and in-your-face guitar blasts from the band's previous release, Hellzapoppin.

Recorded in a disused Masonic Lodge in Dunedin, the 3Ds' second album bursts right out with the sonic blast of Hey Seuss and then careens through lurching metallic pleasures of Philadelphia Rising and Man On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown.

Hailed by critics and fans as the best thing since plugged in guitars, The Venus Trail has an even deeper punch and fits the band's off-centre music to a tee.

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Alternative, Pop, Rock

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