Portals - EP


Portals - EP

Portals is a short archive of pop tunes derived from gathered field recordings - train sounds in Japan; oceans crashing; tap-shoe derived beats.

Recorded at Red Bull Studios by Jeremy Toy (She’s So Rad, Opensouls) and Ben Lawson, and mixed at London’s Artillery Studios with Justyn Pilbrow (Elemeno P).

Beautifully crafted throughout, Portals includes the sweet-sounding ‘Last Night’, the Silver Scroll longlisted ‘Pazzida’, the whimsical, electronic brilliance of ‘Kyoto Train’ and current, love boat dream-pop hit ‘Sliders’.

1. Last Night
2. Sliders
3. Danger Ocean
4. Pazzida
5. Kyoto Train
6. Under

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