Bullshit, Backlash & Bleeding Hearts (paperback)

Bullshit, Backlash & Bleeding Hearts (paperback)

bULLSHiT, backlash & bleeding hearts: A confused person's guide to The Great Race Row.

At last, the book that digs behind the slogans, myths, mud-slinging and misconceptions on ALL sides of the current Treaty and race debate to explain exactly where we are, how we got here and where we're heading.

Where did this Pakeha backlash come from? Just how 'privileged' are Maori? Can anyone define the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi? Is Don Brash playing with fire or is he just saying what needed to be said?

Using a wide range of sources, from the politicians driving the debate to acknowledged experts and the best cultural commentators, author David Slack leads us through the political minefields, the talkback battle zones and the dinner party arguments to answer these and other vital questions about the state we're in.

David Slack is a speechwriter and columnist who has written speeches for a number of New Zealand politicians since 1989. A graduate in law from Victoria University, he has worked in advertising and public relations. His website, which enables users to generate speeches automatically, has an international clientele. His columns appear on the popular New Zealand web log PublicAddress.Net. He lives in Devonport with his wife and daughter.

The New Zealand Human Rights Commision have given David Slack their congratulations for Bullshit, Backlash and Bleeding Hearts.


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