Christchurch Premiere Rapumentary Screening

Christchurch Premiere Rapumentary Screening

Fledge Presents : Christchurch Premiere Rapumentary Screening
Created by Dean Hapeta aka Te Kupu (Upper Hutt Posse)

Ngātahi - Know The Links
The Creative Quarter, New Brighton. 101 Brighton Mall

Performances By:

1 Drop Nation
The Billie Jean Project
The Odyssey (featuring MC Aeries)
Te Kupu + MC Wiya (upper hutt posse)

Live music performances from 5pm.
Rapumentary screening from 9pm.

· Koha / Gold Coin entry

Ngātahi - Know The Links is a six part rapumentary series on street arts and activism amongst native and marginalised people in twenty-two countries.

Creator Dean Hapeta aka Te Kupu presents the latest and final part in this series and will be in attendance to answer questions about his work.

Part six travels to Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia), Beijing (China), Rio De Janeiro & São Paulo (Brazil). Giving viewers expressions, sights and sounds not usually experienced outside of progressive discourse and conscious Hiphop.

Started in 2000 and filmed in 22 countries the complete series is over nine hours duration packaged in a six DVD box set (single episodes are also available).

Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2004 (Festival Cut parts 1 & 2).

Selected excerpts from Parts 1 - 5 will also be screened.

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