NZ On Air Annual Report 2011/12

NZ On Air Annual Report 2011/12

NZ On Air is pleased to release its Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2012.

This year NZ On Air invested in a stellar range of local content for New Zealanders to enjoy. They provided financial support to New Zealand stories and songs, retaining a space for our culture within the almost endless supply of international content.

As well as celebrating content supported through tried-and-true platforms, they also made a number of changes to the way they do things.

The new Digital Media Fund sees two new funding streams for online and mobile content - Kickstart and Ignite.

In music, we introduced MakingTracks, with a new focus on funding music for a wider range of audiences.

The first year of MakingTracks saw investment in a record 318 new music projects.

NZ On Air have seen a remarkable range of programming featuring Māori perspectives and published a stock-take research paper on Pacific broadcast content, as a Pacific broadcast strategy is developed.

NZ On Air continues to support a wide mix of popular and off-peak programming for television and radio, with great new offerings sitting alongside well established favourites.

You can read our Annual Report at

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