Two Cartoons Tour

Two Cartoons Tour

Dunedin based sunshine guitar-pop duo Two Cartoons have released the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut EP Jelly Tip Lips. The sophomore EP was named after the first single Tiny Terrors.

Fresh from a slew of jocular high-energy gigs across New Zealand, and having been announced on the line up for the 10 year anniversary of globally renown New Years' festival Rhythm and Vines in Gisborne, the tight-knit duo consisting of Brad Craig & Isaac McFarlane, both fantastically enthusiastic, self-described obsessive musical fanboys from Otago University, hit the recording studio running to lay down their refreshingly explorative new material.

The bond that underlies the dynamic between the two is instantly recognisable, and is not unlike a familial respect found between two brothers (think Soulwax's Dewaele brothers). The two have an uncanny stage telepathy that sees them transition effortlessly between their instruments; abruptly switching between guitar and drum duties without missing a beat. Citing their early musical influences in their work as trying their best to rip-off Wavves and Best Coast, the duo have come a long way since February's coyly self-deprecating release Jelly Tip Lips.

Recurring themes found on earlier releases, such as a nostalgic longing for youthful innocence surrounded by reverbed-washed rhythms, are revisited through catchy hooks, enthusiastic sun-soaked melodies, and are supported by brilliantly energetic and cleverly crafted percussion. While Jelly Tip Lips bashfully pondered uncertainty, guilt-free frivolity and friendship, Tiny Terrors offers seasoned maturity and a distinctly fresh approach to making music for music's sake. Channeled through sonic refrains & a blend of their idiosyncratic Beatles via Arcade Fire vocal stylings, Two Cartoons' Tiny Terrors EP is infectious, warming, and undeniably brilliant.


Wednesday 21 November
San Francisco Bath House, Wellington

Thursday 22 November
Gravity Bar, Hamilton

Friday 23 November
Rising Sun, Auckland

Saturday 24 November
Downstairs Galatos, Auckland

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