STARS - A 24-hour event by Warwick Blair

STARS - A 24-hour event by Warwick Blair


"Warwick Blair's STARS is simply the most beautiful way to spend your time." - Radio One (Dunedin)

"If Stockhausen had been a Zen Buddhist he could have been Warwick Blair" - Sunday Star Times

Journey through space and time in this remarkable 24-hour work from acclaimed composer Warwick Blair. Astronomy meets Indian gandharva music and electronica in STARS, a multimedia installation that combines original live and recorded music with a stunning six screen video projection of the heavens. STARS is the result of Blair's collaboration with video artist and astronomer Paul Moss, and Indian vocalist Arpita Chanda, and will be performed at Galatos (Auckland) on June 4 and 5, 2009 - the International Year of Astronomy.

Paul Moss' pristine video skyscapes will be projected onto six screens on the walls, ceiling and floor of Galatos, creating an immersive, ambient dream-like environment. Audience members are encouraged to come and go throughout the 24-hour performance period (from 10am June 4 until 10am June 5) and experience different parts of the cycle.

Blair's recorded composition plays continuously for 24 hours, and is enhanced by live performances from Arpita Chanda who sings for a prescribed period every three hours.

These three-hour sections - known as praharas in the gandharva tradition - have different musical qualities that reflect their specific period of day or night. The video projections, which took Moss over a year to create, show recording of sky at same time of day.

Blair's multimedia approach extends the traditional Indian idea that listening to gandharva music enhances harmony and wellbeing by tapping into the rhythms of the natural world.

In creating STARS, Blair, whose work typically blends contemporary classic music with the elements of experimental electronic pop culture, was inspired by the concept of anoraniyan mahatomahiyan, and Polish poet Leopold Staff's work Evening, which includes lines like 'I lie in a boat/In the evening stillness/Stars above me/Stars below me/And stars within me.

Satrs - A 24 hour performance

From 10am June 4 until 10am June 5 Galatos - 17 Galatos St, Auckland (off Karangahape Rd).
Created by composer Warwick Blair
Projections by astronomer/video artist Paul Moss Performance by Indian vocalist Arpita Chanda
Entry by koha (donation)

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