Lil' Chief Records

Lil' Chief Records is a label that prides itself for releasing a consistent scope of "orchestrated pop music."

We at Lil' Chief Records are aware of the inherent inconsistencies in the pop marketplace and realize that the consumer must be confident they can rely on a company's guarantee of quality. Therefore, we are very careful in our sourcing and selection of pop music. Consequently all Lil' Chief products are guaranteed 100% pure pop. They contain no other additives or artificial sweeteners.

We take real pride in the quality of our produce and hand pick the best pop music while our trained staff handle it with expert care. All our pop music conforms to strict guidelines laid down by Wilson Quality Control Company (WQCC), an independent company with accredited pop laboratories situated throughout New Zealand, North America and The United Kingdom.

Lil' Chief Records was formed in 2001, although its first release was not until October 2002, with the Brunettes debut album Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks.

The name "Lil' Chief Records" came from the Brunettes front man and label co-founder, Jonathan Bree, and gives kudos to the Beach Boys record label, Brother Records (whose logo features a native American Indian riding horseback), and the Archie comic book character Lil Jinx. Jonathan formed the label with Scott Mannion, who also contributed his engineering knowledge to the recording of Holding Hands. The pair had a mutual respect for each other's music and shared a number of major influences.

Lil' Chief Records is based in a broken down old house in Sandringham, Auckland. Its kitchen doubles as practice room and sometime performance venue. Jonathan's dark and windowless bedroom is where all most of the recording takes place.

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Alec Bathgate

Alec began his musical career in 1977 as the guitarist in 'The Enemy' who shocked audiences with their upfront punk rock. Alec provided the grating riffs, while fellow Enemy Chris... More

Cool Rainbows

Cool Rainbows is the new project by Djeisan Suskov, who used to front Trees Climbing Trees and Nova Echo and who also happens to be a bit of a genius... More

Edmund Cake

When you are putting together a recording on your own there's no feedback or dialogue to influence creative decisions. More

Jonathan Bree

Jonathan Bree is a producer from Auckland who has just released his first solo album since a career with The Brunettes that has spanned over 10 years and seen the... More

Little Pictures

Little Pictures consists of Johanna (Yo-hun-a) Freeman and Mark Turner. More

Pie Warmer

Pie Warmer was named after Ed Cake's medication that he described
as being like,"...a pie warmer; my brain's not too hot, not too cold."



Meet Pikachunes - Jazz student turned bedroom producer Miles McDougall (Tiger Tones) and Lil' Chief's newest signing. More

Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea is a female composer and bedroom recording artist More


Legendary Auckland group plays 21st century rock'n'roll More

Sheep, Dog & Wolf

Sheep, Dog & Wolf have been called 'a rare pearl' by Italian Vogue and named 'a young Sufjan Stevens' by The Guardian. More

The Brunettes

The Brunettes play teen-melodrama pop songs More

The Eversons

A group from Wellington, who produce witty, punchy guitar-based pop tunes. More

The Gladeyes

Don't be fooled by their sweet exterior, the Gladeyes will creep under your skin and haunt you with nightmares of lost-loves. More

The Nudie Suits

How long have you been collecting music? More

The Reduction Agents

The Reduction Agents are an oddity in today's world of pop music: they play catchy songs but without resorting to clichéd lyrics and repetitive musical structures. More

The Ruby Suns

California-born (and New Zealand citizen) McPhun took childhood trips to New Zealand and finally made Auckland home in 2003. More

The Tokey Tones

Tokey Tones from Lil Chief Records. Tracks from 2 album set: Caterpillar & Butterfly. Project of Scot Mannion and Li-Ming Hu. More


Buzz Moller leads this Auckland based four piece into a new era. More



Butterfly tends to be upbeat, poppy, and full. More


The concept behind Caterpillar is more laid-back, organic, reflective, and less produced. More


Christopher is an album about starting over, but not necessarily moving forward. It's a breakup album, but as one listen will tell you, not necessarily a sad one. More

Christopher - LP

Christopher is an album about starting over, but not necessarily moving forward. It's a breakup album, but as one listen will tell you, not necessarily a sad one. More

Cigarette Duet - Single

Somewhat of an anomaly on the Lil' Golden Book album - Princess Chelsea ditches the synths and cinematic orchestration and instead dishes up a catchy 60s style pop duet reminiscent... More

Down At Your Life

The follow up to 2004's Open Sesame was recorded in June 2005 with overdub sessions spread throughout the rest of the year. More

Downtown Puff

Downtown Puff is the long-awaited release of former Bressa Creeting Cake member, Edmund Cake. More


Sheep, Dog and Wolf has been called 'a rare pearl' by Italian Vogue and named 'a young Sufjan Stevens' by The Guardian. More

Egospect LP

Sheep, Dog and Wolf has been called 'a rare pearl' by Italian Vogue and named 'a young Sufjan Stevens' by The Guardian. More

Emily - Single

The Eversons are pleased to present "Emily", the lead single from their sophomore album 'Stuck in New Zealand' which is set for release on Lil Chief in the middle of... More

Fight Softly

Fight Softly is the new studio album by NZ's pop masters The Ruby Suns. More

Fight Softly

Fight Softly is the second solo album for Sub Pop by NZ's own indie popsters The Ruby Suns and this is the vinyl version! More

Glory Glory

Glory Glory is Wet Wings debut album and together they (Lucy and Darian) layer harmonies barbed with deadly hooks
over skittish guitar, ghostly keyboard lines, and atmospheric samples.


Hello, Are You There?

With a huge back catalogue of demos created over years of jamming and lo-fi experimenting Voom's second album Hello, Are You There? is to be released in New Zealand this... More

Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks

The Brunette's debut album released in 2002 More

Ice Reign - Single

Princess Chelsea's second single taken from her forthcoming album, Lil' Golden Book. More

Kingfisher Call Me - Single

The Kingfisher Call Me single is from the forthcoming Ruby Suns album Christopher, which will be out at the end of January 2013. More

Lichen Ears EP

The new look Ruby Suns are back with this six track EP out through Lil' Chief, recorded at Sackville St in Grey Lynn, Auckland. More

Lil' Golden Book

You lucky beggars! It's Princess Chelsea's debut album, Lil' Golden Book and she wants you to take this treasure home, curl up under the covers and get lost in a... More

Lil' Golden Book - LP

Cleverly packaged to replicate a Little Golden Book. More

Mars Loves Venus

Mars Loves Venus was the second album from New Zealand's favourite bubblegum pop band released in New Zealand on June 28th, 2004. More

Mars Loves Venus LP

The Brunette's 2004 second album is finally available on vinyl...and in a limited edition colour too! More

No Church On Sunday / Digital Dream Girl - Single

No Church on Sunday is first new material from Princess Chelsea since her cover of Voom's W'e're So Lost in 2013. Both tracks are from an upcoming album 'The Great... More

now we are three!!!

Eleven gems from New Zealand's lil' chief records. More

Open Sesame

Bob Cardy brought together a number of musicians to play on this album and all of them are past or present members of Shaft More

Owl + Owl

Owl + Owl is the simply gorgeous result of a pair of self-confessed nerds obsessed with pop culture and technology. More

Paper Dolls

The Brunettes have a meticulous craft in the studio. Writing pop songs, that most fickle of forms, requires a precision that comes naturally to the band, and their records ring... More


Pikachunes debut album. More

Psychosis Of Love

In their debut album, Psychosis Of Love, Jade and Gwen express, confess, and attempt to explain those things that in our own lives are often difficult to make sense of,... More

Ryan McPhun And The Ruby Suns

The latest release from the Lil' Chief empire. More

Sea Lion

The Ruby Suns present their second full-length album. More

Shadows Explode

Shadows Explode is the new album from the female Auckland duo The Gladeyes, released via Lil Chief Records, it's
the follow up to Psychosis Of Love, the duo's acclaimed 2009...



There's a story behind every Nudie Suits song. Like maybe it's not such a good idea to take a new girlfriend that you're still trying to impress to an annual... More

Southern Summer Sun - Single

Southern Summer Sun is the first single from the forthcoming debut album Whale Rocket by Cool Rainbows. More

Structure & Cosmetics

Structure & Cosmetics, is The Brunettes' third full length album. More

Summer Feeling

Summer Feeling follows on from The Everson's EP released in 2011. It is the Wellington based band's debut album; witty, punchy guitar-based pop tunes. More


The second album from The Nudie Suits More

The Boyracer EP


This six track EP, released in March 2003, followed up the good work done on Holding Hands, Fedding Ducks.


The Dance Reduction Agents

The Dance Reduction Agents is a collection of rock songs in a classic vein. More

The Eversons - EP

The debut release from The Eversons. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tim Shann. Artwork by Isobel Rose Cairns. More

The Fearsome Feeling

Ed Cake defines The Fearsome Feeling as love. More

The Indifferent Velvet Void

Alec Bathgate draws on the last forty years of popular music in his latest release, The Indifferent Velvet Void. Sixties fuzz guitar and vocal melodies lie alongside thumping Casiotone rhythms... More

The Primrose Path

The Primrose Path is Jonathan Bree's first solo album since a career with The Brunettes that has spanned over 10 years and seen the band release 4 albums and 4... More

The Primrose Path LP

The Primrose Path is Jonathan Bree's first solo album since a career with The Brunettes that has spanned over 10 years and seen the band release 4 albums and 4... More

Universe - Single

'Universe' is the blissed out second single from forthcoming sophomore album "Days" by Cool Rainbows. More

We're So Lost - Single

The new single from Princess Chelsea is a cover of a song from label mates Voom. More

Weird Hardcore - Single

Weird Hardcore is the first single from Jonathan's upcoming sophomore album 'A Little Night Music' which will be released early 2015. More

Whale Rocket

Whale Rocket has the depth of sound that you would expect from someone who has grown up in a studio (Revolver). He took as a part inspiration some of the... More

Whale Rocket - LP

Available on vinyl, Cool Rainbows make psychedelic indie pop music that is backed by swirling orchestration and layered dreamscapes of sound. More

When Ice Met Cream

Hard on the heels of their stateside tour with The Shins comes the latest release from The Brunettes. More

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