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Who are we? is wholly New Zealand owned and operated. We are not some large organisation but a collection of people who are supporters of New Zealand music. We operate with New Zealand artists in a spirit of partnership and our aim is to help spread New Zealand music around the world.

Advertising With Us offers a unique opportunity to get your message out to fans of New Zealand music.  Several advertising spaces exist on the site and we're not ashamed to offer them out at a very reasonable price to companies wishing to advertise their wares.  Advertising revenue is the lifeblood of our venture so by placing adverts on our site you not only benifit yourself but you help to keep us in business which can only be a good thing. Check out our rate card by clicking here.

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To get in touch with us at Amplifier, email us at info@jamplikfier.2co.nzj. If you have a specific request or inquiry you may want to email that person directly:

General - info@jamplikfier.2co.nzj

Music Director -

Sales -

Technical - boffijns@amkplifi2er.coj.nzs

Advertising -

Publicity - publijcity@kampli2fier.jco.nzs

Media -

You can post audio, etc to us at:

34 Queen Street
Shop 22, Queens Arcade
Auckland 1010

New Zealand

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There is more chance of you being hit by the space shuttle than there is of your credit card details being intercepted when entered on this website. We have Secure Socket Layer encryption through Thawte, details of which are available by clicking the link to Thawte in the sidebar. When your credit card details are transmitted online, they are sent in a format that nobody can access except us. Even if someone could somehow see the data, it would be a stream of meaningless garbage. Your name, address and credit card number remain secure with us. Once we receive your order, your personal information is immediately isolated on a secure server, behind a firewall, not accessible from the Internet.

Nonetheless, should something happen, your bank does not hold you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent charges. Amplifier will cover this entire liability for you, up to the full $50.00 -- so you won't be out of pocket for anything. We will cover this liability only if the unauthorised use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own. Of course, should you discover unauthorised use of your credit card, you must immediately notify your credit card provider so you comply with their regulations. All credit cards are authorised by the Bank of New Zealand before any charges are made.

Privacy Policy

When you register with Amplifier, we ask you for your name and email address, the bare minimum information we need to be able to contact you.

When you order from Amplifier, we ask you for your email address and we need to know your name, your delivery address, and your credit card information.

We take your privacy very seriously. The information we receive from you remains with us. We do not sell or trade or share this information with anyone outside the Amplifier family.

When you visit Amplifier, we collect information which does not identify individuals. It lets us know which pages are visited, which products are purchased and any feedback from visitors. We aggregate this information in order to make the site more efficient. This aggregated statistical information on traffic flow, customer numbers and such may be disclosed to third parties but this will never include information which identifies individuals.

Cookies are minute pieces of information that your browser stores on your hard drive. Cookies help everyone in that they assist in making navigation around the site more swift, and prevent you from having to enter certain information that you have already given us each time you visit the site. Cookies help us to see how and when shoppers use Amplifier. They help us to discover which of our artists are popular and which are not. We use cookies to assist with our site development.

Most web browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. If you wish, you can set up yours so that it will not. You can do this by changing the Cookie preference in your browser. If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you will need to click View > Internet Options > Advanced. With Netscape, click File > Preferences > Advanced. You will still be able to order from us, but your total experience will not be as efficient and you will be creating more tedious data entry work for yourself.

Changes to Our Policy

Should we change our Privacy Policy for any reason, the changes will always be posted on this page.


Copyright protects the original skill and effort of an author of original musical works from replication of that work and gives the author the right to take action for unauthorised use of that work.

Just because you don't see the copyright sign "©" doesn't mean that copyright doesn't exist.

By buying from Amplifier you are helping New Zealand artists. We are not stupid, don't you be. The music on this site belongs to the artist, and the rest of the stuff belongs to us. So be aware that not everything that you see on the world wide web is free of copyright. There is nowhere else in the world that you can get access to the music on this site and by playing the game you ensure that it will continue to be available. If you decide to steal it, you are stealing from the artist. Don't be a dick, support our local artists.

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