Compatibility of Downloads / Player Types:  retails downloads in MP3 format.  The MP3 format is not subject to restriction management controlling how you are able to move the file between your computer/digital player/CD etc.  MP3 format files are compatible with nearly all commercially available digital music players including Apple's iPod.

High-quality WAV files are also available, but can necessitate the need for you to enter the Artist/Track info yourself once loaded onto your player of choice.

Delivery of CDs:

New Zealand

Residential – typically 2-4 working days*

Rural – typically 3-5 working days*

* - Courier pick up is 12.00pm from the Amplifier offices.  For orders placed after this time pick up will be next day dependent on stock availability.

PLEASE NOTE: we do our best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, but if an item is not in stock and needs to be sourced it can take a bit longer. 9 out of 10 times we crank your order out within just a day or two, but your patience is appreciated if it takes a bit longer. See the "Dispatch" section below for more information.

Rest of World

NZ Post Airmail generally takes 1-4 weeks depending on where you are and how good your local postal service is.  If you're in Australia you'll generally get your order the next week, if you're in outer Siberia it will probably take considerably longer.



We have been informed that people ordering goods from the United Kingdom may have to pay Customs duty, Excise duty and/or import VAT on order valued at over £18.  Unfortunately this is peculiar to the UK and we are unable to do anything to get around it.  For more information please contact the U.K. Customs Office. (


Amplifier carries a large number of CD's in stock.  For some CD's though we prefer to buy direct from the record label/distributor.  

When you place an order if we have your items in stock they will be dispatched straight away.  If we have to order it from the label/distributor there may be a few day delay while we wait for stock to arrive.   

Amplifier uses CourierPost courier bags for local deliveries and strong plastic envelopes for overseas orders.  All CDs are hand wrapped in bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard.

Vinyl orders are hand wrapped in bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard and sent in reinforced cardboard boxes to ensure that it gets to you in one piece.  


Order Information:


For information about your order please don't hesitate to contact us at info@jamplikfier.2co.nzj.  The Amplifier office is manned from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday so we'll always aim to get back to you within one working day.


Payment Types:








Amplifier Account



Orders are noted as paid after we have received your cheque and payment has cleared to our bank account.  This generally takes 5 working days from receipt of your cheque.


Internet Banking uses The National Bank of New Zealand for its internet banking transactions. We can only process your purchase after we have received confirmation from The National Bank that your transaction has been successfully processed.

Therefore please note that transactions completed before 8.00pm NZT (GMT+12 hours) will be visible to us for verification the following morning, except for transactions completed after 8.00pm on Friday through to Sunday night which will be visible on the following Tuesday.  In the event of the Monday being a NZ public holiday transactions will not clear until the Wednesday morning.

Please Note: Overseas (non-NZ) bank transfers incur a $15 fee from our bank, and may be subject a fee from yours. Please be aware of this and confirm any potential fees with your bank if you are initiating a bank transfer from outside of New Zealand.


Audio Previews And Purchased Tracks:

In most instances tracks available for sale on Amplifier are able to be previewed in their entirety.  We need to keep a balance though and ensure that these track streams aren't of a high enough quality that they can be captured, thereby negating the chance of a sale and meaning that our artists and labels don't get paid.  So the track previews are of a lo-fi nature (roughly A.M. radio).

The tracks that you buy though are of a hi-fi nature and will normally be encoded at 320kbps.  Some older content on the site though might be lower than this.  To check hover your cursor over the $ (Buy) button and you'll see what bit-rate the MP3 that you'll purchase will be delivered in.


Video Streaming:

 Macintosh platform

If you are browsing on the Macintosh platform, then you will need to ensure you have the Flip4Mac plug-in installed to view the streaming videos. You can then watch the videos in the web browser using QuickTime. Windows Media Player for Mac is no longer developed by Microsoft.


Check the Flip4Mac website here -
Check the QuickTime website here -


The version you require is FF 1.5. Please ensure this is installed in order to stream videos from on the Mac platform. If you have any queries regarding any technical issues please email boffijns@amkplifi2er.coj.nzs.


Windows platform

If you are browsing on the Windows platform, then you will need to ensure you have the Windows Media Player 9 or higher installed to view the streaming videos. Click here for the Microsoft Support site to download the player - Windows Media Player

If you have any queries regarding any technical issues please email boffijns@amkplifi2er.coj.nzs.


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