Diamonds - EP


Track 1. Dangerous 3:32 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Diamonds 3:09 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Down With Ya 4:39 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Here We Go Again 2:53 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. I Wish 4:13 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Party 4:52 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Deadline 2:51 DIGITAL Play


Diamonds - EP

Diamonds hails the arrival of Late 80's Mercedes to the world of original music with 6 of the 7 songs penned and arranged by the band members themselves.

As the process of choosing, honing and eventually recording the songs took shape, a theme began to emerge reflecting cinematic influences such as Oceans 11, James Bond and maybe even a little Get Smart!

Energized by the result achieved in studio at York St in Auckland, the band...

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