Track 1. Desert of Pop 4:11 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. In Real Life 4:07 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Dramatikk 3:57 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Kingfisher Call Me 4:21 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. Rush 4:23 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Jump In 4:14 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Boy 3:54 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. Starlight 4:26 DIGITAL Play
Track 9. Futon Fortress 3:50 DIGITAL Play
Track 10. Heart Attack 4:00 DIGITAL Play



Christopher is an album about starting over, but not necessarily moving forward. It's a breakup album, but as one listen will tell you, not necessarily a sad one.

It's McPhun's fourth record for Lil' Chief and Memphis Industries, third for Sub Pop and first mixed by an A-list engineer: Chris Coady of Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Gang Gang Dance and a zillion more.

McPhun spent two weeks at Coady’s studio in New York. Together they polished Christopher to an opalescent sheen, yielding the kind of expensive-sounding, future-leaning ear candy typically the providence of Top 40 radio...

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