Null Hour


Track 1. What Birds See 2:17 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. High Rise 6:02 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Paid Your Price 4:52 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Photographs Of The Dead 5:43 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. A Breed 5:07 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Another Room 1:31 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. joas 4:04 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. You Might Have Been 6:04 DIGITAL Play
Track 9. The Hum 6:45 DIGITAL Play
Track 10. Leaves 6:19 DIGITAL Play


Null Hour

Debut release from Sunken Seas. Formed from the smoldering remnants of post punk band Tiddabades, Sunken Seas have
undergone an incredible shift in style. Where the former band were more the headiness of the dance-punk era, Sunken Seas have brought the sometimes underlying broodiness to the forefront with this new venture. It's more cold and more industrial.

"Guitar heavy droning post rock tornados of sound. Musical landscapes all enveloping in the depth and tone"
- Rip It Up, April 2012.

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