Edmund Cake

Edmund Cake

"When you are putting together a recording on your own there's no feedback or dialogue to influence creative decisions. I could get completely lost in the details of one aspect of a recording and experiment for days with a particular idea". - Edmund Cake

Edmund Cake, formerly of Bressa Creeting Cake, recalls a boyhood incident when he was caught modifying his father's prized Pye radiogram in the back of their cluttered suburban garage. By disabling the turntable he managed to convert the fifties audio classic into an amplifier for his newly acquired casio VL tone keyboard. This inspired audio synthesis could be seen as the beginning of a music career defined as much by technical experimentation as song writing. Over fifteen years later, the same deconstructed vl tone makes an appearance on Downtown Puff (Gunga) along with numerous other exploratory interventions into the world of recorded sound.

Since the dissolution of Bressa Creeting Cake in 1997, soon after the release of their acclaimed (self-titled) album, fellow band members Geoff Maddock and Joel Winton went on to find popular and critical success with Goldenhorse. What exactly Edmund Cake has been up to in the intervening years is anyone's guess, but his new album Downtown Puff may just provide a few clues


Downtown Puff Downtown Puff CD NZ $25.95 DIGITAL NZ $18.95


Track Gunga 3:28 DIGITAL Play
Track Beautiful Sleep 2:33 DIGITAL Play



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