Arctic Tales Divide


Track 1. Carnival Lights 3:54 DIGITAL Play
Track 2. Clean Sheets And A Fishbowl 3:25 DIGITAL Play
Track 3. Wheels Keep Turning 2:29 DIGITAL Play
Track 4. Bright Idea 3:05 DIGITAL Play
Track 5. Spots On the Leaves 3:04 DIGITAL Play
Track 6. Dr Seuss Sounds 3:52 DIGITAL Play
Track 7. Ca Va Bien Merci 3:45 DIGITAL Play
Track 8. Arctic Tales Divide 3:59 DIGITAL Play
Track 9. I Have Only Eyes For You 4:07 DIGITAL Play
Track 10. Floor's A Canvas 4:48 DIGITAL Play
Track 11. Mechanical Kites 4:37 DIGITAL Play


Arctic Tales Divide

On March 21, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Keoghan released his debut album Arctic Tales Divide, a remarkable combination of Keoghan's classical training in
singing and violin, with elements of pop and folk - you could even call it chamber-pop.

The first single of the album, Ca Va Bien Merci was released last September on iTunes and for radio play, a Serge Gainsbourg-influenced tune that has aired on stations including 95bfm
and Radio New Zealand National.

Released on Brave Beluga Records, the album was produced by Wayne Bell, whose...

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