The Phoenix Foundation


Give Up Your Dreams Give Up Your Dreams CD NZ $22.95
Give Up Your Dreams - LP Give Up Your Dreams - LP LP NZ $36.95
Tom's Lunch - EP Tom's Lunch - EP EP NZ $12.95
Dalston Junction - Single Dalston Junction - Single DIGITAL NZ $2.49
Fandango (2CD) Fandango (2CD) CD NZ $24.95
Buffalo Buffalo CD NZ $24.95 DIGITAL NZ $18.95
Merry Kriskmass Merry Kriskmass EP NZ $12.95
Happy Ending Happy Ending CD NZ $28.95
Pegasus Pegasus CD NZ $28.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95
Horse Power Horse Power CD NZ $21.95


Track The Drinker 4:53 DIGITAL Play
Track Let Me Die a Woman 3:53 DIGITAL Play
Track Bruiser (Miami 4000) 4:15 DIGITAL Play


The Phoenix Foundation

Six piece Wellington band The Phoenix Foundation were formed in 1997 by Samuel Flynn Scott (vox/gat), Luke Buda (vox/gat/keys) and Conrad Wedde (gat/keys).

Having jammed for a couple of years, recorded This Charming Van and releasing the China Cove EP in 2000, they were joined by Richie Singleton (drums), Will Ricketts (percussion) and Tim Hansen (bass) in 2001. Songs begat songs until The Drinker, which received special attention from the Bnet radio network and went on to win Best Unreleased Song at the 2002 Bnet Awards...

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Silo Sessions, Saturday 18 February at Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

Trevor Villers also made it to the Silo Sessions in Wynyard Quarter's Silo Park on the Auckland waterfront on Saturday 18 February...




Samuel Scott - guitars, vocals
Lukasz Buda - guitars, vocals, keys
Conrad Wedde - guitars, keys
Tom Callwood - bass guitar
Chris O'Connor - drums
Will Ricketts – percussion, keys


Alternative, Country, Easy Listening, Electronic, Pop, Rock, Acoustic

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