Miriam Clancy


Life Extraordinary - Single Life Extraordinary - Single DIGITAL NZ $1.99
Magnetic Magnetic CD NZ $25.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95
Lucky One Lucky One CD NZ $26.95


Track When I Do 2:35 DIGITAL Play
Track Girl About Town 2:13 DIGITAL Play
Track Don't Let It Get You Down 2:53 DIGITAL Play
Track Giving Up The Day 2:43 DIGITAL Play
Track Transistor Radio 1:42 DIGITAL Play
Track The Day The Earth Stood Still 2:49 DIGITAL Play
Track The Game 3:25 DIGITAL Play
Track Dry Your Eyes 4:20 DIGITAL Play
Track Solemn Brigade 3:25 DIGITAL Play
Track And So It Begins 2:16 DIGITAL Play
Track Lucky One 3:53 DIGITAL Play
Track fool i am 3:03 DIGITAL Play


Miriam Clancy

Miriam Clancy
Debut Album - Lucky One

"With just eleven songs on Lucky One, her stunning debut album, Auckland's Miriam Clancy has immediately claimed her place in the long Kiwi tradition of great singer-songwriters.

Inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Bob Seger and Sheryl Crow, the feisty young woman has delivered an album that impresses for its lyrical maturity, sophisticated songcraft, her commanding and distinctive voice, and the raw emotions on display...

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Miriam Clancy
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Jol Mulholland
Chris O'Connor
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Alternative, Country, Easy Listening, Film Music, Pop, Rock, Soul/Gospel, Acoustic

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