MANTHYNG is a fun and slightly crazy duo made of singer/songwriter Stanley Manthyng and DJ/producer Stevolicious. In an equally talented duo Stevo is a self-confessed computer whizz with a keen ear for contemporary
pop music while Stanley brings his skills as a talented songwriter. Stanley has years of industry experience having
been a finalist in 1990 for NZ's prestigious Silver Scroll Songwriting Award, he also has the honour of having written four NZ top-ten hits with bands Double J and Twice the T and World Gone Wild.

With music best described as alternative electro pop filled with catchy hooks, MANTHYNG are reminiscent of MGMT
and Empire of the Sun as well 80s disco luminaries such as Eurythmics, Yazoo, and the Pet Shop Boys. MANTHYNG
produce infectious pop songs that are carried by an 'Off the Wall' element.

With music that is entirely contagious and unforgettable and a live show not to be missed; MANTHYNG are a class
act sure to win over the hearts, eyes and ears of the nation.


Nek Minnit - Single Nek Minnit - Single DIGITAL NZ $1.99




Stanley Manthyng



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