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The New Zealand 28 (Maori) Battalion



The New Zealand 28 (Maori) Battalion

"Months before the historic 3 September 1939, Sir Apriana Ngata, forseeing that there must be a second recourse to arms, advocated the formation of a Maori miliatry unit following the precedent of the maori Pioneer Battalion of 1914-18; Ngata was jealous that his race be not submerged in a New Zealand at war any more than it had been submerged in a New Zealand at peace" - Official History of the 28 (Maori) Battalion. Joseph F Cody.

Will will march, march, march to the enemy
And we'll fight right to the end
For God, for King and for Country!...

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'A' Company - Tai Tokerau northern tribes
'B' Company - Te Arawa, Ngata Maru and Tuhoe tribes
'C' Company - Gisborne East Coast tribal areas
'D' Company - Waikato, Taranaki, Ngati Kahungunu, Te Waipounamu and the Pacific Islands



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