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Suliveta Kurene


Suliveta And The Kurene Brothers Suliveta And The Kurene Brothers DIGITAL NZ $16.95
Aiga O Keriso Aiga O Keriso DIGITAL NZ $18.95
Iu Leo Ole Alofa Iu Leo Ole Alofa DIGITAL NZ $18.95
In God's Hands In God's Hands DIGITAL NZ $18.95
No.1 No.1 DIGITAL NZ $18.95
Iuleo O Le Alofa Iuleo O Le Alofa DIGITAL NZ $14.95
Fofoga O Ieova Fofoga O Ieova DIGITAL NZ $19.95


Suliveta Kurene

Suliveta Kurene (1959-1988) was a church minister, husband and father with a great musical talent.

His albums have great harmonies and great accompaniment from the Kurene brothers including drums, guitar,
keyboard and bass guitar. The songs are Samoan favourites and will be instantly recognisable by the Samoan

They are songs which Suliveta shared with those in his community and with those whom he loved.

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