Bear Cat

Bear Cat

Bear Cat have been working hard at being the best panda-pop band in the universe. At the moment this is pretty easy because we are the only panda pop band in the universe. But pretty soon there will be literally millions of them. At which point we will throw a curve ball and start playing panda metal. Or sing about other things.

But for now we've released Xiong Mao - literally 'Bear Cat' in Chinese (see what we did there). It is our finest album to date. It is our first album to date. It is the best panda pop album ever released anywhere ever and features the smash #421 hit RED PANDA BLUES, the child-like singalong B/W HAIR and the pandagate protest song NEW ZEALAND ADOPT THIS PANDA.

Bear Cat consists of Jocee Tuck and Chopper Dan plus wonderful friends. Our favourite influences are the Ramones and the Ronettes. We have opened for amazing artists like Andrew Bird, Matt and Kim and Half-handed Cloud. In 2008 We were on Real Groove's Awesome Feeling compilation and made it to the top five final of the nationwide MTV Kickstart band competition... which is ridiculous but it was nice to be almost kinda sorta recognised by a mainstream media organisation. We just wanna make pop songs.


Xiong Mao Xiong Mao CD NZ $25.95 DIGITAL NZ $14.95


Track B/W Hair 3:38 DIGITAL Play
Track Red Panda Blues 3:43 DIGITAL Play




Chopper Dan, Jocee Tuck

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