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Pieter T


Rumours - Single Rumours - Single DIGITAL NZ $7.50
Completion Completion CD NZ $22.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95
Right Here (Your Love) - Single Right Here (Your Love) - Single DIGITAL NZ $5.50
Make Believe - Single Make Believe - Single DIGITAL NZ $5.00
It Would Be You - Single It Would Be You - Single DIGITAL NZ $5.00
My Baby - Single My Baby - Single DIGITAL NZ $5.00
Fix That - Single Fix That - Single DIGITAL NZ $5.00
Forever - Single Forever - Single DIGITAL NZ $5.00
Let You Go - Single Let You Go - Single DIGITAL NZ $1.99
Life, Love And Lessons Life, Love And Lessons DIGITAL NZ $19.95
Something Else - Single Something Else - Single DIGITAL NZ $5.00
Can't Stop Loving You - Single Can't Stop Loving You - Single DIGITAL NZ $3.50
Business - Single Business - Single DIGITAL NZ $3.50


Pieter T

Auckland based Pieter T, twenty-one years of age, writing and singing since he was fourteen.

Latest single is Business feat. PNC and Dei Hamo. An album is due very soon, it's in the mix...

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