The Maori Volcanics


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The Maori Volcanics

Formed in Sydney in 1964, the Maori Volcanics became the most successful and enduring of the Maori showbands. Their routine included songs and dances from the South Pacific and comedy, ballads, trick instrumentals, group impressions, and saxophone solos.

The original Maori Volcanics line-up survived relatively unchanged until 1972. Prince Tui Teka, Dalvanius Prime and Billy T James all started their careers with the Volcanics.

They performed in over thirty-five countries including Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Turkey, Israel, The UK, USA, Canada and Ireland...

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Nuki Waaka
Tui Teka
Hector Epai
Kevin Ronganui
John Nelson
John Cameron
Paul Minhinnick
Mattie Kemp
Robbie Ratana
Billy T James
Jessie Rawiri
Simon Mehana
Heta Gilbert
Nuki Waaka
Billy Peters
Gilbert Smith
Billy Nuku
Tom Greening
Renata Kahuroa
Selwyn Rawiri
Jessie Rawiri
Richard Tate
Griff Beale
Napoti Teremaki
Hineata Roycroft
John Daymond
Joe Haami
Soly Pohatu

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