Batucada Sound Machine


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Batucada Sound Machine

Batucada Sound Machine's reputation is unquestionably in their live performance. The band thrives in a festive atmosphere and is renowned for getting crowds moving whether they are performing in Europe, Asia or Oceania.

The band's percussion-heavy rhythm section, blazin horns, chunky guitars, and soulful vocals all fuse effortlessly - to intertwine Brazilian, funk, hip-hop, afro-beat and Pacific-soul influences.

While still based in NZ, BSM have captivated audiences at countless well-respected events around the world; including Womad (UK), The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Afro Latino Festival (Belgium), Wereldfeest (Holland), and Ollin Kan Festival (Portugal)...

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Photo Galleries

Thursday 21 June 2012 at Sale St, Auckland

Photographer Steve Bone attended Batucada Sound Machine's gig for us last Thursday...

European/Korean Tour 2011

Batucada Sound Machine's second consecutive tour to Europe, the UK and Korea saw the band perform in eight countries, travel 46,225km (but who's counting), sample 64 beer brands, eat over...

8th July, 2011 at 4:20, K Road, Auckland

Photos from Batucada Sound Machine's last Auckland show before jetting off on tour!...

Batucada Sound Machine

Photos taken from gigs around New Zealand and abroad as well as some pimped out promo shots.

Live at the Sydney International Festival 2005

Shots taken from four shows BSM played in Darling Harbour on a floating barge.




James Hughes - Vox, Keys, Percussion
Henrique Morales - Vox, Gat
Paaka Davis Edwards - MC
Richard Setford - Vox, Gat
Oliver Emmitt - Trombone
Finn Scholes - Trumpet
Darryn Sigley - Percussion
Jono Sawyer - Drums
Alex Ulrich - Bass
Felipe Gomez - Percussion


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Hip Hop/Rap, Jazz, Urban/R&B, World/Folk, Funk, Soul/Gospel

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