Fat Freddy's Drop


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Bays - 2LP Bays - 2LP Double LP NZ $42.95 Buy
Razor - Single Razor - Single DIGITAL NZ $2.49 Buy
Slings and Arrows - Single Slings and Arrows - Single DIGITAL NZ $3.50 Buy
Mother Mother / Never Moving Remixes 12 Mother Mother / Never Moving Remixes 12" 12" NZ $22.95 DIGITAL NZ $3.50 Buy
Mother Mother (Theo Parrish Translation) 12 Mother Mother (Theo Parrish Translation) 12" 12" NZ $22.95 DIGITAL NZ $3.50 Buy
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Silver And Gold - Single Silver And Gold - Single DIGITAL NZ $3.50 Buy
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Live at Roundhouse London Live at Roundhouse London CD NZ $13.95 DIGITAL NZ $9.95 Buy
Dr Boondigga And The Big BW Dr Boondigga And The Big BW CD NZ $16.95 DIGITAL NZ $11.95 Buy
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Fat Freddy's Drop

’Fat Freddy’s Drop throws a fun party. Get into it’- Erik Thybony, San Francisco Critic, USA

Fat Freddy's Drop’s pirate soul train has seen them beat a resolutely independent path to the ears and feet of audiences around the globe for over a decade...

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Photo Galleries

Live at Bodega, Wellington - Friday 13 July 2012

Last Friday 13 July, Fat Freddy's Drop harked back to their earlier days in the Wellington music scene...

La De Da Festival. New Year's 2011/12.

The La De Da Festival in Martinborough stretched over 48 hours this New Year's, providing ticket holders with the ultimate New Year's Eve soundtrack...

Fat Freddy's Drop. Paua Wonton Behind The Scenes Photos.

All photos (c) 2011 Harry A'Court

Live at The Mercury Theatre - 20.05.2011

Fat Freddy's Drop played the first night of a 3 night residency at The Mercury Theatre, Auckland on Friday the 20th of May 2011...




Fitchie aka MU/Chris Faiumu - MPC
Joe Dukie aka Dallas Tamaira - Vocals and lyrics
Do-bie Blaze aka Iain Gordon - Keys & Synth
Jetlag Johnson aka Tehimana Kerr - Guitar
Tony Chang aka Toby Laing - Trumpet
Hopepa aka Joe Lindsay – Trombone & tuba
Chopper Reedz aka Scott Towers – Saxophone


The Drop Ltd


Electronic, Jazz, Urban/R&B, Ambient, Drum N` Bass, Funk, Soul/Gospel, Dub/Reggae

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