Concord Dawn


Air Chrysalis Air Chrysalis DIGITAL NZ $19.95
The Enemy Within The Enemy Within CD NZ $21.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95
Forever - Single Forever - Single DIGITAL NZ $1.99
Chaos By Design Chaos By Design CD NZ $12.95 DIGITAL NZ $12.95
Uprising Uprising CD NZ $12.95 DIGITAL NZ $12.95
Disturbance Disturbance CD NZ $28.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95
Concord Dawn Concord Dawn DIGITAL NZ $16.95


Track T.N.T 4:25 DIGITAL Play
Track Vengeance 7:13 DIGITAL Play
Track Shinkansen 7:31 DIGITAL Play
Track Chameleon 6:18 DIGITAL Play
Track Guardian Angel 6:49 DIGITAL Play
Track Drifter 7:01 DIGITAL Play
Track Black Friday 7:23 DIGITAL Play
Track Morning light 6:43 DIGITAL Play
Track Aurora 7:47 DIGITAL Play
Track Raining Blood 6:19 DIGITAL Play
Track Tonite 5:59 DIGITAL Play
Track Apollo 13 7:04 DIGITAL Play


Concord Dawn

Concord Dawn began life as Evan Short & Matt Harvey, bursting onto the New Zealand music scene back in mid 1999 with their unique high octane Drum and Bass sound. They were the darlings of the local bNet / Student Radio stations up and down New Zealand, getting hefty primetime airplay, featuring at the top of the weekly Top Ten’s and breaking chart records across the bNet. After a year or so of underground success they were courted by local electronic music label Kog Transmissions and released their first album Concord Dawn in July 2000...

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Matt Harvey


Electronic, Drum N` Bass

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