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Lucid 3


Dawn Planes Dawn Planes CD NZ $27.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95
All Moments Leading To This All Moments Leading To This CD NZ $23.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95
Pitch Jumping - EP Pitch Jumping - EP EP NZ $18.00
Running Down the Keys Running Down the Keys CD NZ $23.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95


Track Lull 3:39 DIGITAL Play
Track Smooth Machine 3:20 DIGITAL Play
Track Wheel 4:45 DIGITAL Play
Track Fuel for a Scandal 3:42 DIGITAL Play
Track Fluid 4:10 DIGITAL Play
Track Something Incestuous 3:20 DIGITAL Play


Lucid 3

Lucid 3 are one of the most critically acclaimed bands to have been produced by these shores in recent years. It's not simply that they have a stockpile of songs that effortlessly creep into your musical subconcious, but that the strands from which this band weave their musical tapestry is so undefinable yet compelling. They inhabit a genre all by themselves - equal parts roots, blues, folk, pop, rock, trip-hop and whatever other pigeonhole you care to name. They fit in none and yet still have a sound that resonates with listeners of wildly varying tastes...

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Video West 4:27 Play
Video Paradigm 2:36 Play
Video Curious 4:04 Play
Video Shiver 3:37 Play
Video AM Radio 3:58 Play
Video Fluid
Video Smooth Machine 3:13 Play


Here and there


Victoria Girling-Butcher - vox, gat, keys
Marcus Lawson - bass, keys, bv's
Derek Metivier - drums, loops & production

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Lupin Music

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Blues, Pop, Rock, Soul/Gospel, Acoustic, World/Folk

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