The Bats


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The Bats

There was this Big band on a Big label whom The Bats toured with overseas, one that flew between gigs while The Bats chugged along far below in a van. And one that stayed in better hotels while The Bats shared smaller rooms. The singer of the Bigger band said when the tour began he didn’t understand what it was The Bats had. So the tour wound on, and The Bats blew the Bigger band off the stage at damn every gig...

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The Bats. Friday 18 November at San Francisco Bath House, Wellington.

The Bats played a polished show in Wellington last week, as part of their national tour, which Alexander Hallag kindly went out of his way to photograph...




Robert Scott - Vox/Gat
Kaye Woodword - Gat/Vox
Paul Kean - Bass/BV's
Malcom Grant - Drums

Record Company

Flying Nun


Alternative, Pop, Rock

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