Ian Rushton & Friends


The Cybase Project The Cybase Project CD NZ $24.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95
The Cybase Project II - Second Sight The Cybase Project II - Second Sight CD NZ $24.95 DIGITAL NZ $19.95


Track Love Will Smile Again 4:48 DIGITAL Play
Track Sanctuary 6:13 DIGITAL Play
Track Carpe Diem 5:06 DIGITAL Play
Track Here I Go Again 4:34 DIGITAL Play
Track Take Me Away 4:48 DIGITAL Play
Track Filling In Time 5:32 DIGITAL Play
Track No More Goodbyes 4:37 DIGITAL Play
Track Dargaville Man (Never Far Away) 3:37 DIGITAL Play
Track Tsunami Awakening 4:55 DIGITAL Play
Track Jane & I 5:30 DIGITAL Play
Track Do You Remember? 5:03 DIGITAL Play
Track Something's Got A Hold of You 4:50 DIGITAL Play
Track To Sea 5:10 DIGITAL Play
Track Edmund 5:09 DIGITAL Play


Ian Rushton & Friends

Ian Rushton originally started The Cybase Project in 2003. This is now the second album from Rushton's virtual band also known as "Cybase". Collaboration between the international contributors takes place over the internet, exchanging ideas and tracks via email and other WEB based services. All tracks are produced and mixed in Auckland, New Zealand by Ian Rushton.

100% New Zealand Music




Ian Rushton (New Zealand)
Wolfgang Menzel (Germany)
Brad Egan (Canada)
Scott Kent (USA)
Lenny Ackley (USA)
Jet Crawford (Hong Kong)
Kevin Evans (USA)
Vaughn Fowler (CAN)
Nick Crosby (USA)
Dave Smith (UK)
Peter Forster (New Zealand)
Steve Fogal (USA)
Peter Yttergren (Sweden)
Bob Melanson (Canada)
Nina Yu (China)
Kathy Casey (New Zealand)
Jaime Vokes (New Zealand)
Helen Lares (NZ)


Easy Listening, Pop, Rock

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