The Birds... the birds

The Birds... the birds


You can't get much more kiwi than today's featured release, a compilation of 37 native birdsongs... Could this be the future of local music. In these tough times record companies are always looking at ways they can be managed in a more cost effective manner than days gone by and when one considers that birds are easier to manage compared to your avaergae musician and as a added bonus they eat less to.

Coming to a store near you soon; Love Songs of the Giant Weta and the Call of the Long-tailed Bat.

There's a new festival headed our way early next year... we'll have the first lineup announcement and details for you on the site shortly.


Release Of The Week
Birds Of NZ

The sounds of the Birds of New Zealand are heard daily on Radio New Zealand's National Radio, and thanks to Viking Sevenseas it's now available to you as a digital download.

The album includes 37 NZ bird songs including; the Bellbird, Fantail, Robin, Kakapo, Saddleback, Grey Warbler, Kaka, Royal Albatross and of course the Spotted Kiwi.

A special recording of the dawn chorus opens this extensive and unique collection.

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